MRP 1X V3 Alloy Chain Guide



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MRP 1X V3 Chain Guide Simple,For all singlering drivetrains (1x7 thru 1x12) lightweight and handles the business of keeping a chain on a chainring. Co-molded upper guide with softer durometer interior for silent guidance. Tracked and grooved upper guide/backplate interface increases stiffness. The MRP 1X V3 is designed for 1X drivetrains and is available in multiple mount styles.

702430165259•26-38T ISCG-05: Manufacturer# 20-9-260
702430165235•28-40T Direct: Manufacturer# 20-9-440
702430169547•32-40T Seat Tube: Manufacturer# 20-9-305
702430169554•38-44T Seat tube: Manufacturer# 20-9-371
702430165242•26-38T S3 (E-Mount) Manufacturer# 20-9-480