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MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Upgrade Kit For Fox Forks



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MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Upgrade Kit For Fox Forks. Adds speed-sensitive ending-stroke control, bottom-out force adjustability. Just 55 g Lighter than most air-spring assemblies with more than two tokens.. Isolate and tune bottom-out with minimal changes to initial and mid-stroke. Bring your tuning to the trail and out of the workshop. Easy installation requires little time and few tools- no lower leg removal.

Fox 36 Model F MPN # : WB-17-2180
Upc: 702430174039

Fox 36 Model F MPN # : WB-19-2115
Upc: 702430182300

Fox 40 Float Model E MPN # : WB-17-2179
Upc: 702430173094

Fox 36 Float Model D MPN # : WB-17-2178
Upc: 702430171403

Fox 34 Float Model B MPN # : WB-17-2176
Upc: 702430172707

Fox 34 w/Fit4 2016 Model A MPN # : WB-17-2172
Upc: 702430171472

Fox 32 Model C # WB-17-2177
Upc: 702430172806

Fox 38 Model G # WB-17-2182
Upc: 702430185639

Rock Shox Model F # WB-17-2183
Upc: 702430185646

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