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Muc-Off E-Bike Ultra Corrosion Defense 485ml

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Muc-Off E-Bike Ultra Corrosion Defense
LONG TERM PROTECTION! Introducing the ultimate protection for bike batteries and components. eBike Ultra Corrosion Defence uses state of the art anti-corrosion additives and inhibitors to provide class-leading protection against corrosion. It even works on surfaces that already have rust and corrosion... it simply stops rust in its tracks! It drives out moisture and leaves a protective anticorrosive layer on your bikes frame, battery casing, battery terminals, metal parts, plastics and paintwork to keep the harmful effects of moisture at bay.

Penetrates and protects
Non-drying film
Rust preventing/anti-corrosion
Ideal for protecting battery terminals and casings
Resistant to hot, cold and salt water
Dissolves rust
Protection lasts up to 12 months*
Easy to apply! Comes with our Genius Straw
For use after washing to drive out excess water.

UPC code : 5037835111200
Manufacturer # : 1112US

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