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Muc-OFF Nanotube Chain 11 Speed

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Muc-OFF Nanotube Chain 11 Speed. Available for Shimano or Sram Systems.

- Incredibly low friction
- Class leading performance
- Usable in ALL weather conditions (unlike Ceramic Speed chains there is no issue with rusting)
- Also more durable than wax based lubes in dry conditions
- Each chain is hand treated using Muc-Off proprietary process to maximise performance
- Claims to save over 10-watts of energy

Speeds: 11
Weight: Shimano (243g) Sram (246g)
Color: Silver
Links: Shimano (116) Sram (114)

Shimano Dura-Ace UPC code : 5037835417005
Manufacturer # : 417

Sram Red UPC code : 5037835418002
Manufacturer # : 418

When you're counting down to race day, and looking for every possible place you can accelerate your ride, reach for the Muc-Off Nanotube Chain to give an extra pick-me-up to your pedal stroke. Designed for race day on road, mountain, gravel, or tri bikes, the Muc-Off Nanotube Chain claims to save over 10-watts of power in your pedaling, reducing the effort needed to achieve warp-speeds by treating the chain with a Nanotube Speed Film. Each chain is graded and run-in under load to collect data to find its optimum, before being sonic cleaned and hand tuned with Muc-Off's Nanotube formula.

The Nanotube Speed Film is an all-weather treatment, designed to keep up with you from the dusty deserts to wet and loamy terrain. Its formula contains Nanotube additives that help make the chain incredibly fast, and is paired with the weather-repellency of Hydrodynamic lube. While the dry-wax and paraffin treatments we often see on chains can also increase speed, and add water repellency, Nanotube technology is built to last longer, with benefits claiming to last over 400+ miles of riding in dry weather, and 250+ in wet and muddy conditions, as opposed to the typical 200-mile mark for a dry-waxed chain, so you can maintain a lasting edge on competition from the first mile to finishing line.

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