Nuun Vitamin Tablets Box of 8



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Nuun Vitamin Tablets Box of 8 Tubes. 12 Servings Each Tube.
For Daily Heath, designed to keep you healthy so you can achieve your daily personal best
11 vitamins and minerals
Electrolytes for hydration
Certified gluten free & vegan, soy & dairy free
Non-GMO pure cane sugar

Quantity: Box of 8 Tubes. Each Tube 12 Servings
Activity Anytime
Gluten-Free Yes
Vegan Yes
Flavor: See Options Available
Servings 12 servings

vitamin e: antioxidant, helps mitigate the production of free radicals
vitamin c: antioxidant, aids in healthy immune system
vitamin a: antioxidant support
sugar: used to facilitate vitamin & mineral absorption
stevia leaf extract: zero calorie, plant based sweetener
sodium: electrolyte, lost through sweat
rice concentrate: prevents any clumping in the production of tablets
riboflavin: b vitamin used as coloring agent
potassium: electrolyte, maintains total body fluid volume
natural flavors: fruit oils/powder naturally extracted from source
magnesium: electrolytes, plays role in muscle function
folic acid: b vitamin, used for energy metabolism
citric acid: plays a critical role in effervescence
calcium: electrolytes, plays role in muscle/bone health
beet juice powder: used for color
avocado oil: clean, plant based oil used in production
some flavors contain 40mg of caffeine from green tea extract