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Odi Mushroom Bmx Grips



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Odi Mushroom Bmx Grips. These original vintage Mushroom Grips feature the same ergonomic ribbed design as they did when we sold them 25 years ago. The collapisble rib pattern provides execptional comfort and helps reduce arm fatigue. Closed end with ODI mushroom logo

Type: Single Ply
Size: 120mm
Style: With Flange

Black • F01MHB
UPC: 711484160691

Blue • F01MHBU
UPC: 711484190544

Red • F01MHBR
UPC: 711484190537

Green • F01MHLG
UPC: 711484190551

Pink • F01MHP
UPC: 711484190568

Purple • F01MHPR
UPC: 711484190575

White • F01MHW
UPC: 711484190582

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