ODI Sensus Disisdaboss Lock On Grips



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The ODI Sensus Disisdaboss Lock On Grips a grip that will give you extreme confidence to tackle anything mother nature throws your way. Andreu Lacondeguy signature Lock-On grips will turn you into a brutal savage, and make all of your dreams come true. The ODI Sensus Disisdaboss grips feature 143mm grip length, Mushroom-style tread, small dual flanges with lock rings and end caps.


Color: See Drop Down for Options

Length: 143mm

Weight 108g

Sold In Pairs


711484173301 • Black Manufacturer # : D30DBB-B
711484173219 • Lime Green Manufacturer # : D30DBLG-B]
711484173202 • Bright Red Manufacturer # : D30DBBR-B
711484173875 • Blue • Manufacturer # D30DBBU-U