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Origin8 Revolvr BB386 Thread Together Bottom Bracket



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Origin 8 Revolver BB386 Thread Together BB
Thread-together bottom brackets provide a secure and stable shell interface for smoother operation and extended bearing life
Hybrid AL6061/Nylon fiber cups for a superior fit and noise-free operation
Low-friction dual seals protect the bearings from harmful contaminants
Sealed premium bearings are both serviceable and replaceable
Designed for installing Shimano HTII 24mm or SRAM GXP 22/24mm spindle cranks into BB30 frames without the need for adapters
Origin8 Nylon composite BB tools are recommended to avoid the possibility of damaging the cups

Shell: Shimano: (68/73mm x 42mm ), Sram: (86.5mm x 46mm)
Interface: BB386
Cup Material: AL6061/Nylon Fiber
Weight: shimano: 123g, Sram:135g
Spindle Type Compatibility:
• Shimano Hollow Tech II 24mm
• Sram GXP 24/22mm

Shimano Hollow Tech II 24mm
Upc: 888571052341

Sram GXP 22/24mm
Upc: 888571052419

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