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Origin8 Revolvr PF30/BB386 Thread Together Bottom Bracket



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Origin 8 Revolver PF30/BB386 Thread Together BB 68-86.5mm x 46mm
Thread-together bottom brackets provide a secure and stable shell interface for smoother operation and extended bearing life
Hybrid AL6061/Nylon fiber cups for a superior fit and noise-free operation
Low-friction dual seals protect the bearings from harmful contaminants
Sealed premium bearings are both serviceable and replaceable
Designed for installing BB30 Wide or BB386 30mm spindle cranks into PF30 or BB386 frames
Note: Spindle length must be 104mm or longer when used in a 68mm wide shell, 108mm or longer when used in a 73mm wide shell
Origin8 Nylon composite BB tools are recommended to avoid the possibility of damaging the cups

Interface: PF30/BB386
Shell: 68-86.5mm x 46mm
Cup Material: AL6061/Nylon Fiber
Spindle Type: BB30 Wide/BB386 30mm
Weight: 120g
Color: Black


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