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Origin8 Torqlite Square Taper Bottom Bracket



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Origin8 Torqlite Square Taper BB. Pedal smooth and steady with the Origin-8 Torqlite Square Taper Bottom Bracket. The CNC'd spindle is hollow to make it light weight and the sealed cartridge bearings provide a smooth flow while you pedal.

CNC machined hollow chromoly spindle
Sealed bearings
Forged alloy cups
1.37" x 24 TPI English thread
SHIMANO Equivalent BB-UN55

Shell: 68mm or 73mm
Interface: English
Spindle Type: Square Taper JIS
Length: See Option Menu
Cup Material: Alloy
Weight: 220g

68x102mm Campy • 072774212521
68x103mm • 072774212996
68x107.5mm • 072774213009
68x110.5mm Campy • 072774213016
68x111mm • 072774212538
68x113mm • 072774201747
68x115mm Campy • 072774201792
68x116mm • 072774213023
68x118mm • 072774213030
68x122.5mm • 072774213047
73X113mm • 072774201754
73x116mm • 072774201761
73x122.5mm • 072774201778

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