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Origin8 Ultim8 Single Speed Cassette Cog



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Origin 8 Ultim8 Single Speed Cassette Cog lets you have your ride any way you like it. This handy cog is dual use — a single speed cog that fits over a Shimano/SRAM freehub body or a fixed cog that bolts on in place of a 6-bolt brake rotor. A wide, zero-flex base design made of forged chromoly steel provides instant power transfer. Enjoy the Ultim8 ride whichever way you like it.

Dual purpose single speed cassette cog or 6-bolt disc fixed cog
Compatible with Shimano cassette bodies and 6-bolt disc rotor mounts
Great fixed gear conversion for 6-bolt disc hubs
CNC machined AL6061 Zero-Flex base
3/32" forged CroMo cog

Type: Single Speed
Size: 3/32"
Weight: 65g
Color: Black/Red

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