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Origin8 Vise Semi Metallic Disc Brake Pads



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Origin 8 Vise Semi Metallic Disc Brake Pads
Suitable for moderate use applications
All-around performance in mixed weather conditions
Good performance at high or low temperatures
Great pad life
Quieter than sintered pads

SM-1 Avid BB5
SM-3 Avid Elixir-1, 3, 5, CR, R / SRAM XO, XX
SM-4 Avid XO Trail, Elixir-7, 9 / SRAM Guide R, RS, RSC
SM-5 Avid Juicy-3, 5, 7, Carbon, Ultimate, BB7, Mech 2002-04 / Promax DSK950
SM-7 Formula Mega, The One, C1, R1, RR1, RX, RO, T1
SM-8 Formula Oro Series
SM-9 Hayes HFX Mag, Plus, XC, HD, 9Carbon, 9XC, 9HD, MX1, HFX9 / Promax Hyd/Mech
SM-10 Hayes CX5, GX2, MX2, MX3, MX4, MX5, SO1E / Promax DSK810
SM-11 Hayes Stroker Ryde, Dyno
SM-12 Hayes Stroker Carbon, Gram, Trail
SM-19 Shimano M575, M525, M515, M495, M485, M475, M465, M416, M415, C607, C601, C501 / Tektro Aquila, Auriga, Dorado, Draco, Gemini, HDC, Mira, Vela, Orion
SM-20 Shimano M975, M966, M965, M800, M776, M775, M765, M665, M655, M601, M596, M595, M585, M545, M535, R505, S500, S501, T605, T665 / TRP Dash, Parabox Fro
SM-21 Shimano M9000, M9020, M988, M987, M985, M8000, M785, M675, M666, M615, R785, RS785, R515, R315, S700, CX75 / FSA K-Force, Afterburner
SM-22 Tektro IO, Novela Pre-2010
SM-31 Shimano M8020, M820, M640 / TRP Quadiem
SM-32 Tektro IOX, Lyra, Novella Post-2010
SM-35 Magura MT2, MT4, MT6, MT8
SM-39 Avid Code 2011-14, Code R
SM-40 Magura MT5, MT7
SM-42 SRAM Force22, Red22, Rival22
SM-44 Apse / Artek / Zoom DB250, DB350, DB450, DB550
SM-45 Hayes Stroker Ace
SM-47 Hylex Flat Mount, Shimano Ultegra RS805, RS505

Pad Material: Semi Metallic
Backplate: Steel
Includes: (1) Pair

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