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OTTOLOCK Hexband Cinch Lock

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OTTOLOCK Hexband Cinch Lock
NEW! Extra tough, lightweight, compact bike lock. Now with six layers of stainless steel.
HEXBAND is a new addition to the OTTOLOCK line featuring added resistance to shearing tools such as snips and cable cutters, making it a stronger quick-stop bike lock for users with higher security requirements. HEXBAND is differentiated by using six stainless steel band layers (versus three in the original) while still being wrapped in an internal aramid fiber jacket. Weighing just 75 grams more, HEXBAND is ideal for bicycle lock-ups, back or top of vehicle gear, construction equipment, and more.

EXTRA TOUGH: 6 layers of stainless steel provide added shear resistance. 2.5x steel thickness.
· LIGHTWEIGHT: Starting weight only 190g. Lightweight, portable and easy to always carry.
· COMPACT: Coils to a 3 inch diameter. Keep it in or around your saddle bag, backpack, in your pocket, or anywhere you want.
· DURABLE: Chip-resistant Cerakote® paint and Santoprene® plastic that will not scuff or harm finishes.
· CONVENIENT: Keyless resettable combination.

Sizes: 18", 30", 60"
Color: Ti Grey
Type: Combination

18" UPC code : 859777005585
Manufacturer # : 212004

30" UPC code : 859777005592
Manufacturer # : 212005

60" UPC code : 859777005608
Manufacturer # : 212006

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