Park Tools PH-1 Handled Hex Tools

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The Park Tools PH-1 Handled Hex Tool Set features thoughtfully designed P-handled hex wrenches that fit the task at hand, as well as hey fit in your hand. The long shaft of each wrench is fitted with a Bondhus Balldriver for those hard to reach bolt heads. The short end of the wrench is neatly chamfered and extends from the handle for use when fully tightening bolts in high torque applications. Shaft lengths are optimally selected to minimize the wind-up and flex experienced with longer wrenches. The Park Tools PH-1 Handled Hex Tool Set is made from Bondhus Protanium high torque industrial steel for long life. Special "speed bearing" attachment facilitates installation and removal of long-threaded socket head bolts and nuts. The offset P-handles are made from a durable nylon material and are ergonomically-designed for comfortable use. All the wrenches fit neatly in the included bench mount/wall mount holder. Park Tools PH-1 Handled Hex Tool Set.


Includes: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm sizes.