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Peaty's Tubeless Valves MK2



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Peaty's Tubeless Valves MK2
Updated design features a 4 channel base that is now compatible with all rim inserts such as Cushcore and others
Each set of two features one integrated spoke key, and one valve removers built into the caps
7075 aluminium and a valves for life lifetime warranty
Available in 11 Chris King colorways to match your style perfectly
Smoked black valve cores for extra style points
Available in 42mm and 60mm lengths

Type: Tubeless Valve
Quantity: Pair
Material: AL7075

Black 42mm • PTV2-42-BLK-12 J630018
Upc: 5060541582330

Bourbon 42mm • PTV2-42-BRB-12 J630019
Upc: 5060541582361

Emerald Green 42mm • PTV2-42-EMR-12 J630020
Upc: 5060541582750

Mango 42mm • PTV2-42-MNG-12 J630021
Upc: 5060541582392

Navy Blue 42mm • PTV2-42-NVY-12 J630022
Upc: 5060541582385

Punch 42mm • PTV2-42-PUN-12 J630023
Upc: 5060541582408

Red 42mm • PTV2-42-RED-12 J630024
Upc: 5060541582415

Silver 42mm • PTV2-42-SIL-12 J630025
Upc: 5060541582422

Slate 42mm • PTV2-42-SLT-12 J630026
Upc: 5060541582378

Turquoise 42mm • PTV2-42-TRQ-12 J630027
Upc: 5060541582354

Violet 42mm • PTV2-42-VLT-12 J630028
Upc: 5060541582439

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