Phorm S310 Max Saddle



The Phorm S310 Max Saddle fitness series has been developed using our 3 zone comfort principle. Designed for fitness and leisure riders, on both mountain bikes and road bikes, who have a moderately sporty sitting position. This means with the weight further forward, and a more dynamic riding style. It is the stepping stone between touring and sports saddles. the wider rear section allows for increased weight distribution, but an overall narrower design for more freedom of movement. The Phorm S310 Max saddle also features high quality, soft to the touch and durable all-weather durasilk synthetic cover, and wind and splash guard under relief channel


Length: Mens 280mm / Womens 265mm

Width: 175mm

Rails: FeC anodized light steel

Materials: Weathermax durasilk synthetic cover

Weight: 500g

Use: Mtn/Road

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