Polar Cenote Disposable Hydration Bladder

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Polar Cenote Disposable Hydration Bladder Available in 3 Liter 100oz, 2 Liter 70oz. Disposable/ fully recyclable. Fits most backpacks. Premium, high flow 360º locking bite valve. Removable cap gasket for easy cleaning
Lightweight and easy to fill BPA free, and no chemical coatings
Replacement components sold separately. Wide mouth opening is easy to fill, and fits hand-held filtration systems and Polar Bottle caps. Includes a single hose and bite valve with four replacement bladders
Sold Individual or Pack or 4.

VENDOR ITEM # 3L 1-Pack 100oz
UPC: 617823701016

VENDOR ITEM # 3L 4-Pack 100oz
UPC: 617823703041