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Shimano Pro Y Wrench Torx Tool T20/T25/T40

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This item does not qualify for additional discounts

PRO by Shimano


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Shimano Pro Y-Wrech Torx Tool T20/T25/T40. PRO parts are born from a collaboration between our expert product engineers and the needs of the worlds leading cyclists.
The PRO Y-Wrench is designed for superior grip, providing an easy-to-use combination of three different tools in one Y-shaped tool. The tool of choice of many professional bike techs, these comfortable tools are versatile and provide a functional design that twists easily for optimal torque application. The PRO Y-Wrench is ready for any job from simple brake adjustments to completely stripping and rebuilding a bike.

Y-shaped wrench with three tools
Torx T20/T25/T40

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UPC : 022255369213