Rock Shox Reba RL Solo Air 27.5/650B Tapered QR15 Fork

Rock Shox


Rock Shox Reba RL Solo Air 27.5" Tapered QR15 Fork combines light weight, stiffness, and consistency like no other suspension product on the market today. Cross Country riding is an adventure. It is getting outdoors and becoming part of landscape rather then just looking in from the outside. With the Rock Shox Reba RL Solo Air 27.5" Tapered QR15 Fork you can power your bike along an epic single track in the mountains or just cruising your local trails, cross country is a lifestyle you can only understand by doing it. Bike Shops love Reba. And everybody else too. Reba is super consistent, durable and easy to service.


Travel: 80/100/120mm (preset 120mm)

Adjustability: (L) Spring Via Air Pressure (R) External Rebound, Low Speed Compression, and Lockout

Spring Type: Solo Air

Steer Tube Diameter: 1 1/8'' to 1.5'' Tapered Aluminum

Steer Tube Length: 10.5"

Upper Tubes: 32mm, 7000 series straight wall aluminum

Axle Type: QR15 quick release axle included

Brake Mount: Disc Only (74mm Post Mount)

Size: 27.5"

Color: Black

Weight: 3.68 lbs

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