Rock Shox SID RL Solo Air 26'' Tapered 9mm QR Fork 2014

Rock Shox


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When you're on the hunt for cross-country podiums, the SID is like a blowgun - ultra light, sleek and capable of delivering a deadly blow. The Rock Shox SID RL Solo Air Tapered Fork 2014 design puts hill-charging-race-winning lightweight suspension in a stiff 32mm chassis that doesn't flinch when the trail gets tough. Our Motion Control DNA damping system yields unparalleled plushness and control you'd only expect from a heavier fork. Its super light integrated design optimizes every fiber of carbon, every molten drop of magnesium and every hard-forged element of aluminum to help you win the battle against fatigue, and your competition. Happy hunting!.


Travel: 100/80mm (Preset 100mm)

Adjustability: (L) Spring Via Air Pressure (R) External Rebound, Low Speed Compression, (External Floodgate Motion Control) and TurnKey Lockout

Spring Type: Solo Air

Steer Tube Diameter: 1 1/8'' to 1.5'' Tapered Aluminum

Steer Tube Length: 10.5"

Upper Tubes: 32mm, Fast Black, Low Friction Anodized

Axle Type: 9mm Quick Release

Brake Mount: Disc Only

Size: 26''

Color: Black

Weight: 3.24lbs

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