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Schwalbe Aerothan Tube



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Schwalbe Aerothan Tube
Fully light-weight, right to the valve - about 40% less weight than a comparable Schwalbe extra light tube
Combining low weight, greater puncture protection, and lower rolling resistance over other tubes. Aerothan tubes exceed all the requirements for a high-end bicycle tube.
Low rolling resistance with dynamic, smooth riding characteristics
Resistant to snake bites and side wall damage
Puncture protection newly defined - the material itself prevents sudden air loss
Stable handling, even at low air pressures similar to tubeless
A stable ride - even with low air pressures
Easy installation - without slipping or pinching
100% recyclable
Developed in cooperation with BASF and with experts from the German plastic manufacturing industry, the Aerothan tube emerged to not only meet all the requirements of a high-end bicycle tube, but to exceed them.

Weight: 41g (700x23-28) / 50g (700x28-35) / 61g (700x35-50) / 83g (27.5) / 87g (29")
Valve Length: 40mm
Valve Type: Presta
Sold Individually

27.5 x 2.15-2.4 • 10400253
Upc: 4026495776585

27.5 x 2.4-3.0 • 10400383
Upc: 4026495803564

29 x 2.15-2.4 • 10400263
Upc: 4026495776608

700 x 23-28 Presta • 10400413
Upc: 4026495814027

700 x 28-35 Presta • 10400423
Upc: 4026495814041

700 x 35-50 Presta • 10461373
Upc: 4026495866170

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