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Schwalbe Magic Mary Super DH Addix Ultra Soft TLE Tire 27.5"



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The Schwalbe Evolution Magic Mary Super Down Hill Addix Ultra Soft TLE Tubeless Folding Tire 27.5" is the perfect gravity tire thanks to its optimal all-round properties. Robust shoulder studs and the open, aggressive tread design guarantee braking traction and cornering grip even on muddy surfaces. The angled blocks in the tread center ensure fast rolling behavior, the V- Grooves in the lugs create even more grip.
In this version Magic Mary is equipped with the ADDIX Ultra Soft Compound and the Super Downhill carcass.

Size: 27.5
BSD: 584
Series: Evolution
Type: Folding
Compound: Addix Super Soft
Performance: Super Downhill
Design: Tubeless Easy
Skin: Snakeskin
TPI: 2 layers of 67
E-Bike Ready 25 km/h

27.5x4.0 • 11654180
Upc: 4026495878197

27.5x2.60 • 11654183
Upc: 4026495878616

The best that is possible. Highest quality materials. Latest technology.

ADDIX Ultra Soft
ADDIX Ultra Soft is the compound for the tough demands of enduro and downhill, consistently designed for maximum cushioning and maximum grip. ADDIX Ultra Soft retains these properties even at colder temperatures.

Super Downhill
The double-layer carcass construction was specially developed for downhill, for challenging routes and aggressive riding.
Six carcass layers lie under the tread, four together with APEX and SnakeSkin protect the sidewall.
Tires with a Super Downhill casing are Tubeless Easy.

Legislators do not prescribe any special tires for normal pedelecs with pedal assistance up to 25 km / h. But with these bikes, the loads and average speeds are usually higher than with normal bikes, so Schwalbe only recommends certain tires as "E-Bike ready 25" and provides them with a special label.

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