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Schwalbe Rocket Ron Super Ground TLE Addix Speed Tire 27.5"



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The Schwalbe Evolution Rocket Ron Super Ground TLE Addix Speed Folding Tubeless Tire 27.5" offers speed and cornering stability. Its low rolling resistance with good grip and great self-cleaning make it an
excellent choice for every cross-country racetrack.
Rocket Ron comes with the ADDIX Speed ​​Compound and the Super ground carcass.

Wheel Size: 27.5"
BSD: 584
Bead Material: Folding
Compound: Addix Speed
Puncture Resistant: SnakeSkin
TPI: 67
PSI: 50
Type: Tubeless Easy
E-25: E-Bike approved

27.5x2.10 • 11600554.03
UPC: 4026495878753

27.5x2.25 • 11600555.03
UPC: 4026495876995

The best that is possible. Highest quality materials. Latest technology.

The name says it all . ADDIX Speed ​​is designed for cross-country races and the right compound if you want speed.

Super Ground
The Super Ground casing is suitable for hardtails and bikes with medium suspension travel, for cross country and all mountain. SnakeSkin protects the entire construction.
Tires with a Super Ground casing are Tubeless Easy.

Legislators do not prescribe any special tires for normal pedelecs with pedal assistance up to 25 km / h. But with these bikes the loads and average speeds are usually higher than with normal bikes, so Schwalbe only recommends certain tires as "E-Bike ready 25" and provides them with a special label.

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