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SDG Radar Ti-Alloy Saddle



SDG Radar Ti-Alloy Saddle
Free Float Comfort Flex - Position of rail inserts to increase wing flex and rider comfort, while enhancing pedalling efficiency.
Optimal Pressure Distribution - Platform designed to minimize pressure on both perineum & sit bones.
Flat Forward Design - Allows free movement on the saddle to shift weight around in aggressive riding positions.
Peri Canal Groove - Pronounced center channel on the saddle to ensure pressure relief.
Hidden Undercut - Cutout in the base to provide extra perineum comfort.
Nose Platform - Provides extra support when shifting to the front of the saddle when climbing.
Rear Buzz Cutout - Extra tire clearance for modern 29’rs at full compression.
Microfiber Top - With Kevlar protected sides.

Saddle Dimensions: 270x138mm (LxW)
Seat Rails: Ti-Alloy
Cover Material: Microfiber/Kevlar
Gender: Unisex
Weight: 230g

Black/Orange • 01502
Upc: 812367016361

Black/Black • 01500
Upc: 812367016347

Black/Gold • 01503
Upc: 812367016378

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