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Shimano 105 ST R7025 2x11 STI Shifer & Hydraulic Brake Lever Set

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Shimano 105 ST R7025 2x11 STI Shifer & Hydraulic Brake Lever Set
The ST-7025 hydraulic Dual Control levers offer the same features as ST-7020, but the reach starts 4 mm closer and the lever blades allows riders with small hands to comfortably and securely brake without rotating their hands forward to grab the levers.

Series: 105 R7000
Application: Cyclocross, Gravel, Road
Gearing: 2-speed, 11-speed
Shifting System: mechanical
Brake Type: hydraulic

Lever Material: aluminium
Lever Body Material: composite
Clamp Material: steel
Hose: SM-BH90 & Mineral Oil (Included in Front & Rear Set Only)
Brake Actuation: mineral oil
Includes Shifter Cable & Housing
Mount: clamp (closed)
Reach Adjust: screw
Adjustment Options: reach adjust

- redesigned shifting unit for quick and intuitive shifting
- „small hand“ lever
- slimmed-down hydraulic internals for similar ergonomics between disc and rim brake configurations
- max. multiple shifts (main lever / rear): 2
- compatible with 11-speed road rear derailleurs
- Optislick shifting lever cable, OT-SP41 outer casing recommended (OT-RS900 rear derailleur side)
- recommended brake caliper: BR-R7070
- hose connection straight
- funnel bleeding (with adapter Y-0C698050)
- shifting lever made of resin/steel, brake lever painted
- for 23.8 – 24.2 mm handlebar diameter

Shimano Item # • UPC
Front Left Only! 2 Speed • ISTR7025LIL
UPC : 689228241343

Rear Right Only! 11 Speed • ISTR7025RIL
UPC : 689228869721

Front & Rear Set 2x11 w/BH90 • ISTR7025PA1
UPC : 689228879102

STI Dual Control (DCL)
DCL stands for dual control lever. It has brake and shifting functions in the system and enables easy operation. Ergonomic innovation is probably more critical to the high standard performance than the added gearing. The shift internals borrow the robustness from the MTB technology and are so smooth, that effortless one finger shifts front and rear are possible. Indeed, shifting is the ultimate act of Shimano total integration, and simply has to be experienced to be understood.

Optislick cables feature a minimal and uniform electrically coated layer that improves routing efficiency and provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Original Shimano parts guarantees that all components work perfectly for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity.