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Shimano Alfine SG S7001-8 Speed Internal Rear Disc Hub 3/8" x 135mm

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Shimano Alfine SG S7001 8 Speed Internally Geared Rear Disc Hub Center Lock. The Inter-8 hub has increased its gear Ratio to 307 %, compared to 244 % of the Inter-7 hub. The Inter-8 hub also incorporates a closer gear ratio allowing a more efficient and comfortable pedalling cadence. A truly all conditions� internal hub has arrived.

Series: Alfine S7000 (Inter-8)
Application: City & Touring
Material: aluminium, anodized
Brake/Compatibility: centerlock disc (Lock Ring not included) 6-bolt Disc with conversion adapter. Click here (Shimano part # SM RTAD05) Sold Separately.
Recommended Brake: BR-S700
Spoke Hole Count: 32, 36
Color: Black, Silver
Hub Demensions: 3/8" x 135 mm (10mm)
Axle Length: 187 mm
Gears: 8
Gear Range: 307 %
Efficiency: high
Spoke Size: 13 gauge (2.3 mm) / 14 gauge (2.0 mm)
Pitch Circle Diameter: 92.6 mm
Flange Diameter: 104.3 mm
Flange Width: 3.2 mm right, 3.2 mm left
Flange Distance: 57.3 mm
Offset: 3.15 mm
Technology: Inter-8
Weight: 32 Hole 1670g

Shimano Item # UPC
Black 32 Hole ISGS70018BL
UPC : 689228905405

Black 36 Hole ISGS70018AL
UPC : 689228905429

Silver 32 Hole ISGS70018BS
UPC : 689228905412

Silver 36 Hole ISGS70018AS
UPC : 689228905399

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