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Shimano Alfine Di2 SG S7051-11 Internally Geared Rear Disc Hub 11 Speed 3/8" x 135mm

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Shimano Alfine Di2 SG S7051-11 Internally Geared Center Lock Disc Rear Hub 11 Speed. Shimano Gear Change Support Mechanism utilizes some portion of pedaling force at down shifting. The result is a quick and precise downshift with very light feeling. For the automatic shifting system, this Gear Change Support Mechanism is the key. Shifting effort is reduced to the point where the hub can be shifted through a small low-torque DC motor. Less electricity is required, so a smaller battery allows the system to be lighter and more compact.

Di2 shifting structure
silent clutch
gear change support mechanism
shifting power modulator
high driving efficiency

Series: Alfine Di2 S7050
Application: City & Touring
Gears: 11-speed
Brake/Compatibility: centerlock disc (Lock Ring not included) 6-bolt Disc with conversion adapter. Click here (Shimano part # SM RTAD05) Sold Separately.
Axle Type: 3/8" bolt-on
Hub Dimension: 3/8" x 135 mm
Spoke Hole Count: 32 hole, 36 hole
Weight: 32 Hole 1665g

Gear Range: 409 %
Material: aluminium
Technology: Inter-11
Axle Length: 187 mm
Spoke Size: 13 gauge (2.3 mm) / 14 gauge (2.0 mm)
Pitch Circle Diameter: 92.6 mm
Flange Diameter: 104.3 mm
Flange Width: 3.2 mm right, 3.2 mm left
Flange Distance: 57.3 mm
Offset: 3.15 mm

Shimano Item # UPC
Black 32 Hole ISGS705111BL
UPC : 689228672260

Black 36 Hole ISGS705111AL
UPC : 689228672284

Silver 32 Hole ISGS705111BS
UPC : 689228672253

Silver 36 Hole ISGS705111AS
UPC : 689228672277

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