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Shimano Crank Arm Fixing Bolt For Dura-Ace / Ultegra / 105 & More



Shimano Crank Arm Fixing Bolt For Dura-Ace / Ultegra / 105 & More
Choose From Models A-G Bellow 

Model A: A-Type 8.5mm (Short)
-Dura Ace FC-9000 / FC-7950 / FC-7900
-Ultegra FC-6650-G / FC-6700
Shimano Item # Y1KY08000
UPC: 689228285255

Model B: B-Type 16mm (Long)
-Dura Ace FC-9000 / FC-R9100
-Ultegra FC-6800
Shimano Item # Y1N218000
UPC: 689228404588

Model C:
-Dura Ace FC-7800
-Dura Ace FC-7803
-Ultegra SL FC-6601-G
-Ultegra SL FC-6604-G
Shimano ITem # Y1F308000
UPC: 689228159174

Model D:
Ultegra FC-6800
105 FC-5800
Tiagra FC-4700
Shimano Item # Y1P417000
UPC: 689228403093

Model: E
-Ultegra FC-6700
-Ultegra FC-6750
-Ultegra FC-6703
-105 FC-5700
-105 FC-5750
-105 FC-5703
-LX FC-T661
-LX FC-T671
-Deore FC-T611
-Alivio FC-T4060
-Tiagra FC-4600
-Tiagra FC-4650
-Tiagra FC-4603
-Sora FC-3550
-Sora FC-3503
-Sora FC-R3000
-Sora FC-R3030
-Alfine FC-S501
Shimano Item # Y1KS13000
UPC: 689228276642

Model F:
-Ultegra FC-6600
-Ultegra FC-6650
-Ultegra FC-6603
-105 FC-5600
-105 FC-5650
-105 FC-5603
Shimano Item # Y1G311000
UPC: 689228161146

Model G:
-Dura-Ace FC-7700
-Ultegra FC-6500
Shimano Item # Y16P98010
Upc: 689228151031

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