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Shimano Custom Fit Shoe Insole

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This item does not qualify for additional discounts



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Shimano Custom Fit Insole Dual density and heat-moldable, this custom-fitting insole disperses pressure of the plantar evenly to improve power transmission and increase comfort. Adaptable arch pads optimize arch support. Anti-slip surface secures your feet and supports pedaling efficiency.

COMPATIBLE WITH : SH-RC900/ R321 / R320/ R315/ RP900/ R260/ R241/ R240/ R191/ R190/ RC700/ R171/ R170/ R133/ R132/ RP500/ RP500 Women/ R107/ R106/ R105/ RP300/ RP300 Women/ R088/ R087/ RP200/ RP200 Women/ R078/ R077/ R065/ R064/ RW500/ TR900/ TR900 Women/ TR60/ TR52/ TR500/ TR500 Women/ TR32/ TR31/ RT82/ RT33/ RT32/ XC900/ XC90/ XC70/ XC700/ XC61/ XC60/ XC51/ XC51N/ XC50/ XC50N/ XC31/ M315/ M310/ M240/ MW81/ MW500/ MT91/ MT71/ MT54/ RT500/ RT500 Women/ RT400/ RT400 Women/ WR84/ WR83/ WR82/ WR81/ WR62
WR61/ WR60/ WR42/ WR41/ WR32/ WR31/ WT60/ WT52/ WM83/ WM53/ WF23/ FN23/

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