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Shimano Di2 EW-SD50 Electric E-Tube Wire

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This item does not qualify for additional discounts



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Shimano Di2 EW-SD50 Electric E-Tube Wire for Dura Ace Di2 9070, Ultegra Di2, Alfine Di2, XTR Di2 and XT Di2 system. E-Tube platform offers optimum flexibility on your bike. E-TUBE transmits interactive signals and power supply to each parts by Plug & play� connection. E-TUBE is no rust, no stretch, no freeze and it ensures advanced low maintenance. And SM-PCE1 connects between PC and components to update firmware. Digital device stay the latest version with updating firmware for improve function.

Newly developed thin electronic cable and port
Two core wires
Not with the Dura Ace Di2 7970 (four cores) compatible!

Sizes Available UPC
150mm: IEWSD50L15 689228995697
200mm: IEWSD50L20 689228995659
250mm: IEWSD50L25 689228946200
300mm: IEWSD50L30 689228690127
350mm: IEWSD50L35 689228828087
400mm: IEWSD50L40 689228828094
500mm: IEWSD50L50 689228828124
550mm: IEWSD50L55 689228828131
600mm: IEWSD50L60 689228690141
650mm: IEWSD50L65 689228828148
700mm: IEWSD50L70 689228690165
750mm: IEWSD50L75 689228828155
800mm: IEWSD50L80 689228995680
850mm: IEWSD50L85 689228995666
900mm: IEWSD50L90 IEWSD50L90
950mm: IEWSD50L95 689228828179
1000mm: IEWSD50L100 689228690103
1200mm: IEWSD50L120 689228834392
1400mm: IEWSD50L140 689228828056
1600mm: IEWSD50L160 689228338555