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Shimano Dura-Ace BC-9000 Brake Cable Housing 5mm x 40m



Shimano Dura-Ace BC-9000 Brake Cable Housing 5mm x 40m (120 Feet)
Color: Black, Grey, Green, Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Orange

Size: 5mm x 40m (120 Feet)
Fits: Brake Cables

Shimano Item #
Black • Y8YZA0489
UPC : 689228997073

High Tech Grey • Y8YZA048A
UPC : 689228997080

Green • Y8YZA0487
UPC : 689228762503

Yellow • Y8YZA0485
UPC : 689228762480

White • Y8YZA0483
UPC : 689228997059

Red • Y8YZA0484
UPC : 689228997066

Blue • Y8YZA0486
UPC : 689228762497

Orange • Y8YZA0488
UPC : 689228762510

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