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Shimano Dura-Ace FC 7710 Track Chainring

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This item does not qualify for additional discounts



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Shimano Dura-Ace FC 7710 Track Chainring, Silver, 144 BCD, 5 Arm.

Intended Use: Track, Fixed Gear
Model: Dura-Ace FC-7710
Tooth: 45T, 46T, 47T, 48T, 49T, 50T, 51T, 52T, 53T, 54T, 55T
Color: Silver
BCD: 144
Type: 5 Arm
Chain Size Availability: 1/2" x 1/8" or 1/2" x 3/32"

Shimano Item # UPC
45T 1/2x1/8" Y16S45001
Upc: 689228151192

45T 1/2x3/32" Y16S45000
UPC : 689228151185

46T 1/2x1/8" Y16S46001
Upc: 689228151215

46T 1/2x3/32" Y16S46000
Upc: 689228151208

46T 1/2x3/32" Y16S49000
UPC : 689228151314

47T 1/2x1/8" Y16S47001
Upc: 689228151253

47T 1/2x3/32" Y16S47000
Upc: 689228151246

48T 1/2x1/8" Y16S48001
Upc: 689228151291

48T 1/2x3/32" Y16S48000
Upc: 689228151284

50T 1/2x1/8" Y16S50001
Upc: 689228151352

50T 1/2x3/32" Y16S50000
Upc: 689228151345

51T 1/2x1/8" Y16S51001
UPC : 689228151383

51T 1/2x3/32" Y16S51000
Upc: 689228151376

52T 1/2X1/8" Y16S52001
UPC : 689228151413

52T 1/2x3/32" Y16S52000
UPC : 689228151406

53T 1/2x1/8" Y16S53001
UPC : 689228151444

53T 1/2x3/32" Y16S53000
UPC : 689228151437

54T 1/2x1/8" Y16S54001
UPC : 689228151475

54T 1/2x3/32" Y16S54000
UPC : 689228151468

55T 1/2x3/32" Y16S55000
UPC : 689228151499

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