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Shimano Dura-Ace Polymer Coated Road Shifter Cables & Housing Set

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Shimano Dura-Ace Polymer Coated Road Shifter Cables & Housing Set
The Dura Ace Polymer-coated stainless cable set introduced with the DuraAce 9000 series; achieves lighter and quicker shifting, lighter braking with the reduced sliding resistance
OT-SP41 Shift cable set
Polymer-coated inner cable reduces the sliding resistance to achieve lighter and quicker operation
Sealed end caps to minimize dirt contamination
Housing is pre-lubricated with silicone grease
Stainless steel for anti-rust protection
Derailleur kit includes: (1) 1700mm 4mm colored SP41 casing, (2) 2100mm 1.2mm cables, (6) sealed casing caps and (2) cable tips
Low friction polymer material on the cable may cause slippage at the cable fixing bolt after initial pre-stretch for the cable is performed. Fur like material from polymer coating will not affect the performance
Cable Diameter: 1.2 mm
Housing Diameter: 4.0 mm
End Type: Shimano/Sram

Developed for Dura-Ace / Ultegra Components, But Also Compatible with all other Shimano cable-actuated road Shifting systems.

BLACK • Manufacturer # Y63Z98910 • UPC: 689228317123
GREY • Manufacturer # Y63Z98940 • UPC: 689228317154
RED • Manufacturer # Y63Z98930 • UPC: 689228317147
BLUE • Manufacturer # Y63Z98991 • UPC: 689228896079
WHITE • Manufacturer # Y63Z98920 • UPC: 689228317130
GREEN • Manufacturer # Y63Z98990 • UPC: 689228896062
YELLOW • Manufacturer # Y63Z98992 • UPC: 689228896086
ORANGE • Manufacturer # Y63Z98980 • UPC: 689228896055

Original Shimano parts guarantees that all components work perfectly for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity.

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Black Road Shifter 689228317123
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White Road Shifter 689228317130
Green Road Shifter 689228896062
Yellow Road Shifter 689228896086
Orange Road Shifter 689228896055