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Shimano M65T Cantilever Brake Shoe Pads



Shimano M65T Cantilever Brake Shoes Integrated.

Brake Type: cantilever (rim brake)
Type: Integrated pad/post
Conditions: dry and wet
Pad Compound: M65T
Material: Aluminium

Power Level: average (3 out of 5)

Model Compatibility:
M560, BR-M561 / STX BR-MC32-E, BR-MC32, BR-MC30-CH, BR-MC30, BR-MC31-CH, BR-MC31 / Alivio BR-MC12, BR-MC12-E, BR-MC10, BR-MC11, BR-MC15 / Acera BR-M290, BR-M290-E / Altus BR-CT50, BR-CT51, BR-CT91, BR-CT90, BR-CT20, BR-CT21 / Tourney BR-TY22, BR-TY23, BR-TY20, BR-TY21 / BR-MJ05, BR-MJ10 & Many more.

Shimano Item # UPC
1 Pair Y84F98060
UPC : 689228072909

5 Pair Y84F98100
UPC : 689228078437

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