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Shimano M70R2 V Brake Pads Severe Condition XTR, XT, LX, Deore



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Shimano M70R2 V Brake Pads Severe Condition XTR, XT, LX, Deore.
For more braking power: the M70R2 brake pads by Shimano

The special rubber compound of the M70R2 brake pads deliver the needed brake performance whether competition day is wet or dry. The pads are also wear resistant, but they could make noise.

Brake Type: V-brake
Cartridge Type: yes

Power Level: high (5 out of 5)
Dry Power: high (5 out of 5)
Wet Power: below average (2 out of 5)
Silence: below average (2 out of 5)
Anti-Fading: average (3 out of 5)
Durability (Street): high (5 out of 5)
Durability (Mud): above average (4 out of 5)
Rim Friendly: average (3 out of 5)

Model Index:
Conditions: severe
Pad Compound: M70R2
Rim Brake Track: aluminium
Factory Number: Y-8AA98200
Compatibility: XTR BR-M970, BR-M960, BR-M951, BR-M950 / XT BR-M770, BR-M760, BR-M750, BR-M739, BR-M737 / LX BR-M600, BR-M580, BR-M570, BR-T670, BR-T660 / Deore BR-M530, BR-M510, BR-T610 / Alivio BR-M432, BR-M431, BR-M430, BR-M421, BR-M420, BR-MC18, BR-T4000, BR-T4010 / Acera BR-M422, BR-M330 / Nexave BR-T300 / DXR BR-MX70

- focus on brake power in extreme conditions
- good performance when wet or dry
- durable
- great control in all conditions

There is an alternative to this product that includes two pairs in the shipment.

- 1 pair of Shimano M70R2 brake pads
- 2 x pad retaining bolts
- brake shoes not included

1 PAIR Shimano Item # Y8AA98200
UPC : 689228000742

2 PAIR Shimano Item # Y8AA98212
UPC : 689228603271

50 PAIR Shimno Item # Y8AA98211
UPC: 689228603240

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