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Shimano Nexus BR C3000 Roller Brake

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This item does not qualify for additional discounts



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The Shimano Nexus BR-C3000 works with a precision coaster and cam mechanism which ensures a high braking control. Because exposed brake arms or calipers are not required with a roller brake, the weather has no influence on the brake function; the result is a brake that is suitable for all weather conditions.

A large, disc-shaped heatsink dissipates the heat generated during braking. In addition, the lubrication lasts longer. Sealing channels keep out moisture and dirt and ensure reliable, safe braking under dry and wet conditions.

Compared to its predecessor, the Shimano Nexus BR-C3000 front roller brake offers 30 % more braking power and improved braking performance under high load.
Cooling fin diameter: 122 mm.
Note: Only for use with Shimano front hubs for roller brakes.

Front: M9 x 3.5mm
Rear: 8.2mm x M10
Compatible Lever: SB-8S20 / ST-8S20 / SB-7S31 / SB-7S45 / BL-C6010

Shimano Item # • UPC
M9 x 3.5mm BR-C3000-F • ABRC3000FB
UPC : 022255072465

8.2mm x M10 BR-C3000-R • ABRC3000RA
UPC : 022255072472

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