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Shimano OT-RS900 Shadow Road Shifter Housing 4mm x 240mm

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The Shimano OT RS900 Shadow Road Shifter Cable Housing For Rear Derailleur Loop. Size: 4mm x 240mm Is more pliable than SP41 outer casing, designed to work specifically with the Dura-Ace R9100, RD-R8000 Shadow derailleur without B-tension spring. Lubricated internally along its length with low-friction silicone grease to reduce cable friction. Not designed to be used elsewhere on the frame. Use only for the rear derailleur loop. Sold Individually.

Colors: Black, Grey, Red, White
Qty. 1
Size: 4mm x 240mm

Shimano Item #
BLACK • Y0BM98011
UPC : 689228240711

GREY • Y0BM98041
UPC : 689228240742

RED • Y0BM98031
UPC : 689228240735

WHITE • Y0BM98021
UPC : 689228240728