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Shimano PRO Stealth Evo Carbon Stem & Handlebar Black Edition

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PRO by Shimano


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The Shimano PRO Stealth Evo Compact Carbon Road Stem & Handlebar Black Edition is all about integration. The one-piece carbon fibre bar and stem combination is lightweight yet extremely stiff and strong, as well as aerodynamic and of course great to look at. A great all-rounder, Stealth Evo excels for climbing, sprinting and descending.

- Fully integrated UD Carbon stem-handlebar combination
- Integrated Dual Cable Routing
- Stealth Evo Black Edition

- Sizes: 40cm, 42cm, 44cm
- Stem Extensions: 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 130mm
- Angle: -8 degree
- Fits: 1-1/8" forks
- Color: UD Carbon
- Weight: 410g (40cm 90mm)

Shimano PRO Item # UPC
40cm 90mm 31.8mm PRHA0308
UPC : 022255464413

42cm 90mm 31.8mm PRHA0312
UPC : 022255464451

40cm 100mm 31.8mm PRHA0309
UPC : 022255464420

42cm 100mm 31.8mm PRHA0313
UPC : 022255464468

44cm 100mm 31.8mm PRHA0317
UPC : 022255464505

40cm 120mm 31.8mm PRHA0311
UPC : 022255464444

42cm 120mm 31.8mm PRHA0315
UPC : 022255464482

44cm 120mm 31.8mm PRHA0319
UPC : 022255464529

40cm 110mm 31.8mm PRHA0310
UPC : 022255464437

42cm 110mm 31.8mm PRHA0314
UPC : 022255464475

44cm 110mm 31.8mm PRHA0318
UPC : 022255464512

42cm 130mm 31.8mm PRHA0316
UPC : 022255464499

44cm 130mm 31.8mm PRHA0320
UPC : 022255464536