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Shimano PRO Stealth Superlight Saddle

PRO by Shimano


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The Pro Stealth Superlight Carbon Saddle only 145g uses a carbon weave pattern and precision fiber lay-up in its construction in order to increase both stiffness and comfort over the standard version. The horizontal reinforcement bridges keep the stiffness necessary for optimal power whilst the padding and cover have been upgraded to provide better sit-bone support. The polyurethane covering was even tested to find the lowest friction material between the rider and the saddle. With a one-piece design that integrates the saddle and the rails, the Stealth Superlight Carbon Saddle weighs a paltry 145 grams

One-piece design that seamlessly integrates saddle and rails
Unique structure sheds 27 grams over the standard carbon version
Cutting-edge carbon weave pattern and precision fiber lay-up construction increases both stiffness and compliance
Padding and cover material have been upgraded to support sit-bone comfort and alleviate pressure points
The polyurethane cover, which sits over lightweight EVA foam, was tested with a variety of bib short materials to find the lowest friction rates between rider and saddle
Wide cut-out channel in the middle, offering extra comfort for riders on the edge
To retain saddle stiffness and power transfer the base includes horizontal reinforcement bridges, all part of the unique one-piece carbon reinforced base
Claimed weight: 145 grams

Weight 145g (142mm)
Widths 142 and 152mm
Lightweight and Compliant Full Carbon Saddle
Handmade and Optimized Layup
Superlight EVA Padding
Large Anatomic Fit Area
Stealthy Artwork with "All Black" Styling

Shimano PRO Item #
142mm • PRSA0315
UPC : 022255088619

152mm • PRSA0316
UPC : 022255088626

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