Shimano SIS Derailleur Cable and Housing Kit



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Shimano SIS Derailleur cable and housing kit a complete gear cable set for road, mountain, or hybrid bike. Fitting new gears or completely overhauling your gear cables couldn't be easier everything you need in one pack. The outer casing is lubricated internally along its length with low-friction silicon grease to reduce cable friction special construction process makes for an axially stiff outer casing that transmits shifting movements accurately and quickly. The Shimano SIS Derailleur cable and housing kit outer casing is lined with a polymer sheath to assist with the smooth operation of the inner wire. Die-extruded manufacturing process for inner wire leaves a smooth surface for less friction in use, and Stainless steel provides smooth shifting and higher corrosion resistance.



Front Length: 1.2mm diameter, 2000mm

Rear Length: 1.2mm diameter, 2000mm

Housing Length: 1850mm (Enough for one bike)

Housing Dia: 4mm

Housing Color: See Drop Down for Options

Includes: (2) 2000mm cables, (1) 1850mm housing, (2) cable ends, (4) sealed ferrules. (Enough for one bike)

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