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Shimano SM-AD17 Front Derailleur Clamp Band Adapters

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This item does not qualify for additional discounts



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Shimano SM-AD17 Clamp Band Adapters for mounting 34.9mm front derailleurs to frames with 31.8mmor 28.6mm diameter Frame Mounts.

Use: MTB/Trekking
Model: SM-AD17-S (28.6mm) SM-AD17-M (31.8mm)
Dimension: 28.6 / 31.8mm
Usage: Clamp band adapters from 34.9mm down to 31.8mm or 28.6mm seat tube diameter
Compatibility: FD-M986/981/970/971/805/806/800/786/785/781/770/771/773/760/761/660/661/600/601/590/591/580/581/530/531
Material: Plastic
Weight: approx 3g

Shimano Item # UPC
34.9 to 28.6 SM-AD17-S Y57Y98030

34.9 to 31.8 SM-AD17-M Y57Y98040

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