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Shimano Tourney FC TY501 Crankset 6-7-8 Speed Square Taper

This item does not qualify for additional discounts
This item does not qualify for additional discounts



Shimano Tourney FC TY501 Crankset 6-7-8 Speed Square Taper Mount.
Compatible with 6-, 7- and 8-speed drivetrains, this Shimano® Tourney crankset offers a gear range for urban or trail adventures.

Color: Black / Silver
Speeds: 6, 7, & 8 Speed Compatible
Chainrings: See Options
Chainring Mount: Riveted
Bottom Bracket Mount Type: Square Taper JIS (Not included)
Crank Arm Size: 175mm, 170mm, 165mm
Material: Aluminum
Chain Compatibility: HG/UG
Pedal Spindle: 9/16"
Available with or without ChainGuard

Shimano Item # UPC
Black 175mm 24-34-42T w/o CG EFCTY501E244XLB
UPC : 689228634060

Black 175mm 24-34-42T w/ CG EFCTY501E244CLB
UPC : 689228634152

Black 175mm 28-38-48T w/ CG EFCTY501E888CLB
UPC : 689228631106

Black 170mm 24-34-42T w/o CG EFCTY501C244XLB
UPC : 689228634169

Black 170mm 24-34-42T w/CG EFCTY501C244CLB
UPC : 689228634046

Black 170mm 28-38-48T w/ CG EFCTY501C888CLB
UPC : 689228634176

Silver 175mm 24-34-42T w/o CG EFCTY501E244XSB
UPC : 689228631120

Silver 175mm 24-34-42T w/CG EFCTY501E244CSB
UPC : 689228634114

Silver 175mm 28-38-48T w/CG EFCTY501E888CSB
UPC : 689228634190

Silver 170mm 24-34-42T w/o CG EFCTY501C244XSB
UPC : 689228634077

Silver 170mm 24-34-42T w/ CG EFCTY501C244CSB
UPC : 689228634084

Silver 170mm 28-38-48T w/ CG EFCTY501C888CSB
UPC : 689228631090

Black 165mm 24-34-42T w/o CG EFCTY501A244XLB
UPC : 689228634138

Silver 165mm 24-34-42T w/CG EFCTY501A244CSB
UPC : 689228634039

Silver 165mm 28-38-48T w/ CG EFCTY501A888CSB
UPC : 689228634091

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