Shimano XT M785-B IceTech Disc Brake w/Adapter



The Shimano XT M785-B Ice Tech Disc brake cables are pre cut to length, no bleeding is required. We also include mounting disc brake adapters for your frame, or suspension fork. Blue Sky Cycling is the only company that includes these adapters, and pre cut cables.

The Shimano XT M785-B IceTech Disc Brakes are the latest and greatest from Shimano. With improve control, consistency and confidence with ceramic pistons and Ice-Technologies rotors and pads, the Shimano XT M785-B IceTech Disc Brake are the most efficient brakes on the market. Servo wave disc brake system, 125% power rating, over-sized 22mm Ceramic pistons, Ice-Tech shimano xt brake pads, and easy-bleed System give these brakes a ''must-have'' status. Not to mention the cooling fins of the Ice-Tech brakes that keep your pads and rotors cool giving the consistent braking power throughout your ride. The Shimano XT disc brakes weight at 190 grams for front, and 300 grams for the rear.


51mm International Standard (IS) - Caliper is attached to the frame/fork with two bolts that are 51mm apart (center to center).

74mm Post Mount - Caliper is attached to the frame/fork with two bolts that are 74mm apart (center to center). The bolts are screwed directly down into the frame/fork.



Hose Length: (Front 800mm 31.4" in.); (Rear 1400mm 55.1" in.)

Includes: Hardware, Mounting Adapter, Resin Ice-Tech Brake Pads with Cooling Fins, Pre-bled Caliper, Brake lever, and Pre-Bled BH90 hose.

Compatibility: See Drop Down For Options

Color: Black

Shimano Adapter Part Numbers:
SM-MA-F160P/S: Front 160mm 51/74mm Compatible
SM-MA-F180P/S: Front 180mm 51mm IS
SM-MA-F180P/P: Front 180mm 74mm Post
SM-MA-R160P/S: Rear 160mm 51/74mm Compatible

Black Front 160mm 51/74mm (300g)
Black Front 180mm 74mm Post (310g)
Black Rear 160mm 51/74mm (320g)

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