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Shimano XT SM RT81 Ice Tech Center Lock Disc Brake Rotor

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Shimano XT SM-RT81 IceTech CenterLock Disc Brake Rotors are available in 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, or 203mm. The Shimano XT SM-RT81 is a 2-piece rotor and thanks to Ice Tech it has outstanding performance.

Application: Cross Country, Trail, Downhill
Material: Sandwhich constuction of stainless steel with an aluminium core
Brake Mount: Center Lock
Diameter: 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm, 203 mm
Compatible Pads: metal, resin
Performance-Indicator: Advanced (level 2 out of 3)
Technology: Ice Tech

- sel-cleaning form
- lightweight
- heat resistant
- less fading
- quiet
- increased life of pads
- aluminium lockring
- polished finish

- BR-M810
- BR-M800
- BR-M9000
- BR-M9020
- BR-M8000
- BR-M785
- BR-M775
- BR-M765
- BR-M7000
- BR-M675
- BR-M666
- BR-M640
- BR-M615
- BR-S700**
- BR-R9170*
- BR-CX77*
- BR-R517*
- BR-R317*
- BR-RS785*
- BR-R785*
- BR-RS805*
- BR-RS505*
- BR-RS405*
- BR-RS305*
- BR-U5000*

* 140 mm only
** with BR-S700 only resin pads

Note: For 15 mm and 20 mm thru-axle front hubs SM-HB20 lockring must be used.

Ice Tech
Ice-Tech brake rotors significantly reduce heat build-up in the brake system. This in turn reduced fading, which ensures consistent high performance even on long downhill stretches. It also results in a longer pad life and substantially quieter braking.

- 1 x Shimano SM-RT81 rotor, aluminium lockring included

Factory Numbers • UPC
140mm: ISMRT81SS • 689228889866
160mm: ISMRT81SA • 689228388949
180mm: ISMRT81M • 689228680678
203mm: ISMRT81L • 689228680920

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