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Shimano XTR M9000 Polymer Coated Shifter Cable & Housing Set



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The secret behind the polymer coating is noticeable under the microscope. It looks as if many small rings are wrapped around the cable. These minimize the surface area that come into contact with the liner and grease lasts longer. The main advantage is the reduction in power required to shift and the feeling that shifts are faster. Braking power is also increased while decreasing the amount of power that needs to be applied to the lever.

Application: MTB
Cable Material: Stainless Steel, Polymer Coating
Housing: OT-SP41
Cable Diameter: 1.2 mm
Cable Length: Front :1800mm / Rear:2100mm
Housing Diameter: 4 mm
Housing Length: (F&R Set 3300 mm) (Rear Only 2000mm)
Performance-Indicator: Ultimate (level 3 out of 3)

- polymer coated cable reduces friction and makes shifting easier
- minimal friction: the cables have a round cross section further reducing friction
- anti-corrosive (SUS): stainless steel cable
- silicon grease: SIS-SP41 is coated with a silicon grease to make shifting even easier
- dirt resistant: sealed ferrules minimizes dirt inside the cable housing
- on an XTR niveau

Includes w/ Front & Rear Cable set
- 1 x Shimano OT-SP41, 3300mm shifter cable housing
- 1 x Shimano Polymer, 2100 mm shifter cable
- 1 x Shimano Polymer, 1800 mm shifter cable
- 2 x plastic ferrules, sealed
- 2 x aluminum ferrules, sealed
- 7 x ferrules, stepped
- 7 x rubber sleeves
- 2 x cable ferrules

UPC code : 689228321823
Manufacturer # : Y01V98110

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