Shimano Zee M640-B IceTech Disc Brake w/ Adapter



The Shimano Zee M640-B Ice Tech Disc brake cables are pre cut to length, no bleeding is required. We also include mounting disc brake adapters for your frame, or suspension fork. Blue Sky Cycling is the only company that includes these adapters, and pre cut cables.

The new Shimano Zee M640-B IceTech Disc Brake system includes shorty style levers and a powerfull 4-piston brake caliper just like its big brother "Saint". The Shimano Zee M640 IceTech Disc Brake comes outfitted with proven Ice Technologies brake pads that help keep your brakes running cool in even the most extreme downhill conditions. The Shimano Zee M640-B IceTech Disc Brake also features SERVO WAVE lever pivot, high rigidity ceramic pistons for heat insulation, anti-slip dimpled lever blade, radiation fin pad with new metallic compound to improve control and consistency, super stiff high-power 3-layer brake hose for a more consistent lever feel, and One-Way Bleed for easy and clean servicing.

Call 800-585-4137 if you have any questions about compatibility


Hose Length: (Front 800mm 31.4" in.); (Rear 1400mm 55.1" in.)

Includes: Hardware, Mounting Adapter, Metal Ice-Tech Brake Pads with Cooling Fins, Pre-bled Caliper, Brake lever, and Pre-bled hose.

Compatibility: See Drop Down For Options

Shimano Adapter Part Numbers:
SM-MA-F160P/S: Front 160mm 51/74mm Compatible
SM-MA-F180P/S: Front 180mm w/ I.S Adapter
SM-MA-F180P/P: Front 180mm w/ Post Adapter
SM-MA-R160P/S: Rear 160mm 51/74mm Compatible

Front 160mm 51/74mm Compatible (340g)
Front 180mm w/ Post Adapter (400g)
Front 180mm w/ I.S Adapter (340g)

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