Sigma Sport Karma LED EVO 320 Lumen Headlight



Sigma Sport Karma Pro LED light system small but beautiful. Sigma Sport Karma LED EVO 320 Lumen Headlight light system features 320 lumens, and weighing just 70 grams, fully earns the slogan. Whether fastened to the handlebars or helmet, its wide round light makes this little gem ideally suited to sporty night rides. Depending on requirements, 4 power levels can be selected. Energy saving, standard, power and flashing. Multi-stage battery capacity indicator. The handy light is easily stowed and can be assembled in seconds. The trusty click bracket can also be adjusted sideways for the perfect setting wide viewing angle. In addition the light can also be removed via a sliding mechanism, meaning it can be effortlessly changed from the handlebars to the helmet bracket.


Run Time: 4 h/ 8 h power, 6 h/12 h standard, 12 h /24 h energy saving mode

Modes: 4 Modes: Energy saving + Standard + Power + Flashing mode

Mount Type: Helmet, and Handlebar universal fits 22-32mm

Batteries: Lithium Ion Battery IIon Rechargeable, Charging time 2.5h

System Includes: LED Headlamp, Helmet, and Handlebar Mount, Rechargeable battery, Charger, Portable USB charging device

UPC 750220169246

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