SixSixOne 661 DJ Elbow Guards

SixSixOne 661


The SixSixOne 661 DJ Elbow Guards are stylish, comfortable, durable and they get the job done, whether that job is to protect you while mountain biking, dirt jumping, downhill racing, skating or whatever. If you've got elbows, and you want to protect them, get these. The SixSixOne 661 DJ Elbow Guards feature adjustable velcro straps backed with neoprene for a non-slip, snug fit, injection molded TPR rubber graphics, double layered, biofoam inner padding, durable cordura nylon body, and ABS hard plastic outer elbow cups.



Size: S / M / L

Top Opening in Inches: 8-10" / 10-12" / 12-14"

Bottom Opening in Inches: 7-8" / 8-9" / 9-10"

Sold In Pairs

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