Spank Spike 800 Race Riser Handlebar



The Spank Spike 800 race riser handlebar is made from a unique construction of Super-6 alloy, processed with Spank's patented CNC bending and Dual-Extreme-Gradual Taper (XGT) technology makes the Spank Spike 800 race handlebar a stronger, safer, performance optimized component for the weight conscious gravity rider. Super Six (XGT) technology offers the perfect mix of hardness, yield, fatigue life, and a superior ultimate tensile strength. The Spank 800 Race Handlebar is offered in a 800mm, which again guarantees an extra control and a bend of 4 degree upward and 8 degree back. At only 290-330g (depending on rise), it's the perfect handlebar solution for All-Mountain, Enduro and Downhill Race.


Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
Color: Black
Degree Sweep: 4 Degree Upsweep, 8 Degree Backsweep
Material: MGR Super 6 Alloy
Rise: 15mm
Width: 800mm
Weight: 290g
UPC: 4717760761985


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