Stans No Tubes Universal Valve Stems Pair

Stans No Tubes


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The original and still the best tubeless valve stem for most rims and a perfect fit for all Stan’s BST rim models. Weighs only 16g per valve. Durable brass construction. Removable valve core makes adding sealant easy. Fits up to 8mm valve hole. Schrader fits up to 10mm valve hole. Sold as a pair.

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183720000724 • 35mm Presta Silver Manufacturer # : AS0018
183720000731 • 44mm Presta Silver Manufacturer # : AS0020
847746009931 • 55mm Presta Silver Manufacturer # : AS0096
847746009924 • 32mm Schrader Silver Manufacturer # : AS0095
847746038184 • 55mm Presta Black Alloy Manufacturer # : AS0151